Coffee Lover’s Guide to Making the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Here at Sprout & Blossom, we know coffee, and more importantly, we know good coffee. We also know there are a wide variety of different ways people like to make their coffee. Some prefer it light and mild, while others enjoy bold coffee with rich flavor. Whether you like yours strong or weak, we know you’ll appreciate some of our expert coffee-loving tips on what to look for when it comes to top-quality beans, grinding them just right, and how to make a perfect cup of coffee every morning.

Quality Beans Matter

Tip #1: Not all organic beans are equal. Just because it’s labeled organic doesn't mean it’s going to taste good. Most big brands save money by buying low quality terrible tasting coffee beans. *Think organic rotten banana peels, here.

That's why at Sprout & Blossom, not only do we only stick to organic beans but we also buy only specialty grade coffee beans *Think perfectly ripe juicy delicious banana, here. Our beans are always fresh, certified organic, chemical-free, and low acidic, which is perfect for those with stomach issues or digestive problems. All of these benefits combined make for not just a good cup of coffee, but way better coffee.

Grind Your Beans The Right Way

Tip #2: Grind those beans just right. Finely ground coffee allows water to extract more flavor, so don't forget this step when making your morning brew. If you're using pre-ground coffee, look for options labeled "medium" or "fine," since these grinds will ensure maximum flavor extraction while still providing a smooth taste and flavor. More truly is better in this case.

From Bean to Brew

Tip #3: The perfect cup of coffee is not just about the beans, but also how you brew them. Experiment with different brewing methods and see what you like best! Remember, the ideal brewing temperature is between 195-205℉ (or 91-96℃).

Find the Right Brew Method for You

Tip #4: Try brewing with a French press or a Chemex - a coffee lover's favorite! These methods allow you to control how strong your brew will be by letting more of the good stuff come out with just one push! Check out our tips on "How To Brew" for a step-by-step guide on brewing your coffee with a French press.

Fresh is Best

Tip #5: Buy fresh coffee beans whenever possible! When you buy pre-ground coffee from retail grocery stores, often the coffee has been ground with whatever brewing method is used at the warehouse nearest to where the beans are stored (most likely drip). That means if you use those grounds for espresso grinds or French press, you'll extract more flavor than intended, and your coffee will end up tasting bitter.

Also, the longer pre-ground beans have sat on a shelf, the more moisture has evaporated, making it harder to extract all of the coffee's flavor, leaving your taste buds more than disappointed. Those who have tasted pre-ground coffee compared to freshly ground coffee typically notice an instant difference in the flavor profile. That is why we strongly recommend grinding your own beans. After all, you can handle an extra 15 seconds to have hours of better tasting coffee, right?

Upgrade Your Kettle

Tip #6: Is it time to buy a new kettle? Look for one that has an automatic shut-off after boiling or can be programmed in advance so your water will boil just before you need it. These features are beneficial when using electric kettles since they take much longer to reach optimal temperature than those on a gas range.

Now that you have a better understanding of what makes for the perfect cup, it’s time to try out your new favorite coffee beans brought to you by yours truly (that’s us)! Our specialty is in high-quality, organic coffee sourced from Guatemala and roasted right here in Minnesota.

We proudly offer single-origin, small-batch coffee roasts to give you the best-tasting coffee you never knew you needed. Rest assured, knowing each sip will be delicious, healthy, and packed with flavorful goodness to the last drop.

Start your morning off right with Sprout & Blossom! Shop our 100% organic coffee to see what your taste buds have been missing.