About Us

Hello Forrest and Krystle here! 

Let's check some boxes on our life so far!

House in the country check
2 cars check
3 kids check
love coffee check and check! 
Loves the beach check
Actually enjoy camping check
Built a community impacting millions of lives In Progress


This is our second business. Forrest has his doctorate in chiropractic and owns a functional medicine clinic.

Fed up with America's Health Care Crisis, he now focuses on empowering clients to take action on their own and showing them what kind of lifestyle it takes to feel confident in their health. In a short, it’s proactive medicine.

Krystle stays at home with our two boys, Owen and Wyatt. Enough said there she has her hands full!

What we have found to be true is that if you start your day off on the right foot the rest of the day has a good chance of being a success.  



Forrest Favorites

Hidden Skill: Passionate Yet Unskilled Wood Worker

Favorite Drink: Coffee, Obviously

Favorite Food: Steak with Veggies

Favorite Movie: Donnie Brasco (seriously you have to see it)

Favorite Color: Dark Navy Blue

 Krystle's Favorites

Hidden Skill: Amazing Organizer

Favorite Drink: Water, Yup for reals- Water!

Favorite Food: Tacos (soft shell specifically)

Favorite Movie: The Blind Side

Favorite Color: Purple